Class TIPS AND TRICKS 2-23-14

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TIPS, TRICKS, RAVELRY, AND OTHER TOOLS OF KNITTING KNOW-HOW AT THE NEEDLETREE Join us for an afternoon of random knitting know-how! We will be going over lots of info that you may or may not already know and reviewing just some of the basic “how to look like you know what you are doing” knitting info. Want to know how to use Ravelry to stash dive? How about using Ravelry while you shop? How do yarn shops just seem to know how to do a substitution and why do we tell you that what you just picked out is not a good substitution? Want to be comfortable reading a label? Feel like swatching is a mysterious waste of time? What’s a clicker app? What’s the difference between bamboo, steel, ebony, square needles? What do you do if you think the error is the pattern and not you? So bring in your smart phone, iPad, laptop, stash and/or pattern questions and we will use your stuff as examples! There is no such thing as a stupid question and we can all use a review of the basics on occasion! Mom will cook up something yummy to snack on and the fire will be going! Class size is limited so sign up early to secure your spot! Sunday February 23rd, 2014 2:00 – 4:00 Cost: $5 RAVELRY LABEL READING CLICKER AND OTHER APPS PATTERN STORAGE SWATCHING NEEDLE SAMPLING YARN SUBSTITUTIONS
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